Korean depiction of the tomboy

8 Apr

I found this video as it was a project of  a Korean blogger named Clara.

I was spellbounded by the depiction of the Korean tomboy and the efforts made of making her ‘prettier’ and ‘girlier’. She already claims that she is pretty (around 4 minutes) but her friend claims that product X will make her more pretty, which a thing that she should do for ‘love’.

 The words ‘change for love’ are mentioned by her friend, which is a theme often used in the rhetoric of romantic fairytales, films, etc. And change is, ofcourse, physical change…’becoming pretty’.

In a way, it makes me sad to see that kind of consumerism (something I myself are quite vunerable of) being shut down to the throat. However, on the plus side, she will end up with the boy who already thought she was cute as the way she was before, an active and cute tomboy.

Although I am aware of the overromantic Cinderella-esque plot which asserts that a woman can only be rewarded with ‘love’ and being found ‘pretty’ by a man, I do like the fact that her tomboy self is being appreciated, and the ‘girly’ persona she tries to be is not rewarded with a ‘knight in shining armour’.

And, I really like the video of the blogger…quite quirky, although sometimes a bit confusing.


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