dictator, female?

10 Apr

East Timor’s First Female Dictator Hailed As Step Forward For Women

After watching this video, I have a few sidenotes.

First, it is hilarious that it enforces an American ideal of femininity….For example “she burned down the whole area with a torch and still looked good in it” is enforcing women to be able to do whatever they want, as long as they ‘look good in it’ they can be seen sympathetic and female. The torture of the man is a pleasure when it is done by a ‘real woman’ like the dictator.

The fact that there is a ‘female’ dictator is something that is a remarkable difference, according to the video, as women are normally not related to violence, let alone be so succesful in violence that they become the leader of a whole country. And, seeing the title of the video, it is seen as a ‘step forward to women’, claiming the display of violence is actually a positive trait to have?

Oh, and femininity is always related to motherhood, how cruel the person is. As long as she is toting along some children (of her own) and combines her career with motherhood, she is the ultimate (Western) woman.

Oh, and the event takes place in a ‘far-and-away’ country, enhancing exoticism of the nature of dictatorship.


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