Queen Bee

29 Apr

Ode to the Queen Bee:

I admire her…the social queen with all her girlfriends. A un-cheerleaderlike queen bee always branching out her group of girls. Girls who will accept a lot, tweak their appearance to please her. I am the lonely critter, unlike the queen bee and the other bee girls, and will not hinder her.

She is not the typical queen bee, still, she is a queen bee in her form. I will not even come close to the popularity of her. Indeed, her coolness is something that is hers.

Queen bee, I wish you luck…I am not a bee and I cannot serve you. I am the butterfly, who passed you and twirled around you for a while. My wings will never be like your subjects, queen bee.

 Thus I will fly away and thank you for your tolerance of my otherness…

Queen bee, be(e) good to your subjects…


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