Locked in my own skin…

8 May

I have a skin condition…the word condition actually sounds like it is something positive, however, it is a skin ‘disorder’ or ‘disease’ to me. No euphenisms such as ‘condition’, or it might be a ‘condition’, only one that last and last and last (negatively).

Today I heard that my health insurance company does not pay for the at-home treatment recommended for me. My skin would have been ‘microwaved’ for a couple of seconds (a sort of tanning machine…so terrible against ageing but quite good against psoriasis) and my skin would become tolerable (or it would even cure). But alas, not such a at-home-treatment for me.

So, my skin locks me up…to be social…to be in more-than-social-relations as well. It locks me up against wearing sweet and flirty summer dresses when warm, showing some shoulder or a bit of (small) cleavage. I am already prone to being alone, but my skin makes me stand out even more alone.

So, thanks but no thanks to my health insurance company that receives a large sum of my finances every month…I feel crap, but wait, I already felt crap and maybe I feel crab as well because of my hardened skin…


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