On the previous post…

3 Jun

After yesterday’s post I was thinking a lot about the Rihanna videoclip and her African-Caribbeanness. Well, her bi-curiosity is an interesting topic, however, I think the girl should frolick with who-ever she wants in the videos, either hinting to a ‘rude boy’ in …tadaa rude boy or going all supermodelly glam-sensual with Casta. Sexual preference has never been an interesting topic to me…

The idea of ‘girlcrush’ can be defined in different manners, according to urbandictionary.com. I believe there is a totally platonic explanation, and a not-so-platonic one…I think I would not want to actually be intimate with a ‘girlcrush’  because that would take the fun out of the admiration.

Even if it would be a person as famous and admirable as Riri..I kind of would send her to Casta or another supermodel anyway if the intimate was necessary so I would make a terrible partner ;P. I would be a fab friend, so that would be the better option.

Having spend time with bi and lesbian girls before I find it not difficult to be friends with them. Often, I am not their type, and if I was, they have never bothered me and respected my preference. So, I have never been in the part of a refusing heterosexual girl towards a persisting girl who sings ‘te amo’ (or saying any other love or sensual declaration).

However, I believe it would probably feel terrible for the one who pines for the other, it always does in heterosexual encounters and it would probably feel similar for the non-heterosexual ones (although you can always blame the preference for the rejection…like gay men always try to confort their heterosexual girlfriends “If I were straight you would be the first I would….”-blah blah). Would straight girls tell that to their bi/lesbian friends (who would be interested in them) as well?

Gosh, I wanted discussing Afro-Caribbean-ness and I wrote about that boring sexuality-issue again. Well, at least I’ve got that off my chest…


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