Gender Operations: Marie Claire UK’s article

20 Jun

Without analysing the article for (possible) reading public too much, I will put it in this post.

It is not a personal issue or wish. I am CIS woman (seems to be insider term for a person born with the sexual reproductive organs that their gender feels like as well. Thus, in my case, born female…wanna stay that way).

However, the more convential portrayal of these issues in the Media, Marie Claire UK June 2010 has been done in quite a comprehensable but somewhat educatory manner. I like the fact that the operation doctor has chosen for a more subte form of femininity, which I find to be good to portray that to the general public as well.

Normally, the more flashy and somewhat hyperfeminine persons are portrayed in the media. For example, one of her patients portrayed in the article (and foto’s, the one topless), the Puerto Rican artist, has chosen for a more doll-like femininity.

Not that I want to judge on that choice, because CIS women themselves make these choices as well (taking the somewhat barbie-esque form of femininity or a more subdued form). However the fact that (post)trans woman are represented in the article who could be seen as completely standard or somewhat bland is refreshing, as normally the media aims to go for the most controversial figure (in Dutch society, that would be Kelly).


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